AOS Show Drawing

Prize for DrawingThere will be a free drawing for the beautiful rhodonite on black onyx pendant necklace on the right. The piece was made by Stan McCall. The featured stone is rhodonite. The chain bale is 14k gold.

The drawing will be held at the 48th Annual Opal, Gem & Jewelry Show which will take place at the Phoenix Club, at 1340 S. Sanderson Avenue Anaheim, CA 92806, November 7 & 8, 2015.

To sign up for the drawing, please enter your information below, and you will get a confirmation e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Winner must be present to win the drawing prize necklace. The drawing will be held at 4pm on Sunday, November 8th. The winner needs to present t 4pm on Sunday, Nov. 89th, to collect the necklace.

All entries for the drawing must be submitted  by 12am (midnight),  Sat., Nov. 7th.   Entries will be accepted only via this website.

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